Hari gini percaya cenayang? Apalagi situs cenayang? Sebenernya gw iseng-iseng aja pas main stumbleupon di saat break kerjaan gw. Kemudian tetiba nemu situs yang menyodorkan review dirimu dengan sangat detil. Walo gak 90% sesuai dengan diri gw, cuman at some point gw penasaran aja sama gimana mekanisme coding mereka. Database mereka harus yang besar banget dong ya. 

Situs itu adalah :

Input yang dimasukkan adalah tanggal lahir semata sih, gak tau itu isian lain buat apa gw gagal paham. Tapi asik juga hasil pembacaan-nya. 

Result :

The impression of you that I get is that you are a sensitive person but are often wary of expressing your true thoughts and emotions. I feel that you have been hurt in the past and this may be the reason for your caution - however, once you allow people to become a part of your life, i.e. by confiding in them or accepting their help or advice, you find it easier to develop a sense of trust and affinity.

There is something from your childhood which you are especially sensitive about - I'm not sure exactly what this is but I do know that it would take a very special person for you to confide this secret to. If this issue hasn't yet been resolved then you may feel a little ashamed of whatever this was but one message that comes through to me is that it was not your fault.

You have always tried your best in most of the things that you've done. You realize that you could have done better at times with certain projects but your interest simply wasn't there. You find it easy to concentrate on things that really interest you, but if someone tries to make you study a subject or project that you don't want to learn about then you tend to 'phase out'.

There was an artistic or musical interest that you had when you were younger that you could have developed but didn't. It may be that there were too many other things going on in your life at the time - or that it simply wasn't the right time for you - I feel that you will probably go back to that interest at some time in the future and excel at it. (?)

You lost someone very special in your past and this left you with a sense of loneliness or abandonment. You still miss this person but I figure you are now coming to terms with that loss. In a way it made you appreciate loved ones more; however you don't always show your true feelings.

You find the opposite sex intriguing. Sometimes you hate them, sometimes you love them. Your emotions seem to swing from high to low and back again.

You would like to be the center of attention at times - however most of the time you are happy to watch and observe. You don't like making a fool of yourself and you certainly wouldn't enjoy seeing your best friend or someone you really care about making a fool of themselves.

You have an overwhelming protective instinct. If someone you love annoys you then you will tell them so. If an outsider insults them then you instinctively jump to their defensive. It's as though 'It's alright for you to say that, but not for them to'.

You have certain colours that you like and will wear them depending on your mood. You are also sensitive to smell - you have favourite aromas - and some memories that are associated to them - e.g. bonfire night or your mother's favourite perfume or shampoo - or perhaps a favourite dish - roast beef - curry - chicken or steak or perhaps even a tomato based recipe.

You are idealistic about the person you would like to eventually settle down with (if indeed you have not already met that person). You really want your relationship to work out and will do your utmost to make things work. However if your partnership is wrong then you have no hesitation in not making this effort.

You want to be happy in life. You hate hurting people and if this inadvertently does happen then you feel that hurt yourself. You are happy with your morals but would love to improve yourself in some way.

At the moment you are in some sort of quandary about the direction your life is taking you and there are decisions to be made. Making decisions is not always easy for you - you like to weigh up the options in your mind and find yourself swayed by outside distractions. In this area you should always trust your instinct.

Life is not always easy for you - often you meet obstacles just as you think you are reaching your goal. These setbacks can make you feel unsettled or even depressed at times but you have a knack of being able to bounce back.

When you look back on your life at some of the difficult times you realize that they seemed a lot worse at the time than they actually were. You are a survivor and are guided by hope and optimism.

Money can be an issue for you and you should learn to manage it more effectively. Although you have to rely on outside sources at times you would prefer to be totally independent in this area.

You dislike chaos and would be happier in a well organized environment but it seems that there is never enough time to carry out your well meaning intentions.

Some time ago there was a disastrous relationship that knocked your confidence somewhat. Although you are over that now, there are still times when you feel vulnerable and insecure. You want to be loved for who you are, not how others want you to be and you generally try to please most of the time - however under extreme provocation you find it impossible to bottle up your feelings and minor explosions can occur.

In order to overcome this tendency you should learn to communicate more freely in the early stages of an impending crisis.

You enjoy travelling but something seems to be holding you back from being able to visit all the places you'd like to go. This could be money or other commitments or simply something within yourself that you have not yet acknowledged.

Children, or one in particular, will play an important part of your life and you will derive a great deal of pleasure from helping him or her. You will also find yourself re-thinking a lot of your original ideas as your experience and maturity grow. (?)

Well, keren gak tuh pembacaannya. Sangat gw banget, sangat gw rasakan sekali terutama di bagian yang gw tebalin. Hehe. Hampir semua lini disebut en dibahas. Gw aja nggak nyangka. Just for fun. Hebat!

Salam Rahayyu.